The process of a pre purchase examination (PPE) or “vetting” is a 5 stage procedure as dictated by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons with the aim of standardising the examination. PPE’s are undertaken to reduce the buyer’s risk through assessing a horse’s current and likely future soundness by identifying pre-existing conditions, current health status and fitness for intended use. A PPE takes approximately 90 minutes to complete consisting of a thorough examination and assessment of the horse both on the ground and under saddle. Vettings can be carried out at the vendor’s premises (if the facilities are suitable) or at a clinic available exclusively to Hall Place Equine.


We would always advise that a five stage PPE is preferable as it provides more information to base the final clinical decision on. A two stage PPE does not include the final three stages of a five stage PPE, a disclaimer is sent to the client which must be signed and returned before we can proceed. This ensures that the client understands that the two stage PPE is a limited examination and therefore certain conditions may be missed.

It is also wise to check with your intended insurance company what they require to.