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    Bryan O’Meara

    Bryan is based in England near Lambourn. He travels to veterinary clinics and practices throughout England but most of his work is south of Birmingham to Sussex to Cornwall.
    Bryan O’Meara Veterinary Surgeon is a horse vet that specialises in Equine Surgery. He is based in England. He travels to veterinary clinics and practices to perform surgery on horses. He works with veterinarians offering a surgical opinion on lamenesses or surgically treatable disease. He is main interests are the upper airway, joint surgery (Keyhole) and surgery to treat lameness. He has an interest in performing surgery in the standing horse where it is safe and best for the horse so as to avoid the risk of general anaesthesia which is not insignificant in the horse (approximately 1 mortality in 200 general anaesthetics).

    He works with many veterinarians on difficult cases and he can be contacted on info@equinesurgeon.vet or via this contact page.
    You can follow Bryan Equine Veterinary Surgeon on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

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